Sunday, August 26, 2007

Best of Zumiez gay trip Photos!

These are photos from trip we went on throughout june. we had 12 stops in 12 different cities so here's a photo from each stop. should be epicly bunk.

So yeah, here's all of us with griffag at the first stop in Seattle. So epic.

Joseph was really into this chick and I'm nearly positive he got her number and nailed her that night.

So far Jolo's been killing it the most epic picture's wise. Here's him trying to get herra drunk as fuck off some zima XXX

Here's my homie Mike Vallely playing with revolution mother, his band. he's gotta be hands down the greatest person alive.

We were cruising on this sidewalk next to water when rod tried to jump and grab onto that tree branch and land back on his board. his board was ov's it though and just went straight into the water. Rod had to jump down and grab it and was really happy about the whole situation afterwards.

In Philly we went and ate with team circa at a japanese steakhouse that zumiez paid for n shit. circa bought around 6 or 7 30 packs at the end of the night when everybody was already wasted. and they were leaving the next day, so they gave all this to us. that was pretty buttery.

This chick was so impressed joseph was on tour that she got his name tatted on her so steezy like.

This dude cracked a bunch of shitty jokes in between jumping and flipping over trash cans n shit.

Joseph was really excited to have this picture taken!

Chicago is the shit. Old Style tall cans, so fucking good.

Then when we went to minneapolis we came up around 11 24 packs cuz there was too much beer at some harley event thing 3rd lair was having. That was epic as fuck too.

Stoops won the contest in denver and he bought us a lot of shit. Including 7 beer helmets, fuck yeah stoops.

Smoke and get high, smoke and get high.

Ryan and Alex in Salt Lake City gettin all drunk'd urps. p.s. fuck utah.

Last stop was in SF and my camera battery was hella low and i accidently left my charger in denver. nice! here's a picture of aaron. his beard was long as shit.

that's it fools. what a summer!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Started This Horse Shit

So yeah, just made this thing cuz I figured Jolo's was pretty tight. But yeah for now, just get bummed out looking at this.